Why You Should Buy Used Discs

League City resident Jordan Richards' approach shot is on the mark at Taylor Lake Village Disc Golf Course.

I know, shameless plug. Yes, I do have a selection of used discs on the site and I am aware that Anhyzer DG is one of the few online retailers who sells used discs. However, there is a reason I list used discs and there are some great reasons you should buy them. From us or any other online retailer who sells them. Of course check out our Thrower Section when you get time.

Now, lets get into the reasons you should purchase and try used discs.

Used Disc Golf Discs Are Cheaper

Of course, they’re used. They have been thrown and have various levels of condition. They are heavily discounted compared to new plastic. Save some money!

Used Disc Golf Discs Are Seasoned

Ever buy a brand new disc and realize that it is more stable than you thought it would be. Many times, new plastic is overstable out of the box. You will commonly hear players throwing new discs that “it’s gonna be money once I throw it more!”. Whelp, our Throwers have been thrown. Many of them are already in the “money” stage and nice to throw immediately once it’s added to your bag.

Used Disc Golf Discs Are Great For Sampling

Want to try a new mold but don’t know if you’ll like it? Maybe your arm speed won’t handle a brand new Lucid Trespass but a well seasoned one is just right? Used disc are great when you want to try something new and save a few bucks doing it.

Used Disc Golf Discs Are Great For Replacing a Gem

Almost all disc golfers will agree that a disc that has been in their bag and has been thrown hundreds of times is more valuable to their game than a new one. When the day finally comes that you lose your go-to ESP Surge, you’re going to be sad about it. I understand, I am sad for you! Finding a new ESP Surge can be tricky. Maybe there is a ESP Surge Thrower that will be much more affordable, well seasoned and an almost a perfect replacement for your lost gem. Just maybe.

About David Lopez

David has been an avid disc golfer for over 10 years. He has been involved with almost every aspect of the sport including competing, running tournaments, working with the Disc Golf Pro Tour and of course running the Anhyzer DG Online Store.