What Is The Disc Golf Yard Dog?

The Yard Dog, you don’t want to be it. If you’re like my group of buddies who all play disc golf, some trash talk is always thrown around. One of the more common sayings is “you got whipped like a yard dog”. Not sure where Derek heard this but I credit him for bringing it to the group. This saying lead to the creation of our own disc golf game within the game. Who will be the Yard Dog? Here is how it works.

The Yard Dog is whoever scored the worst at the last agreed round. Currently there are 3 people in our “Yard Dog” group. As long as you finish first or second, you avoid being the Yard Dog. Once a person becomes the Yard Dog they have some extra requirements during the next round of play.

There are (2) shots picked by the other, non yard dog members. They can be any time, but only 2 shots per round. You have to use the Yard Dog disc for these shots. Our current Yard Dog discs is a Pink Latitude 64 Keystone. Typically the Yard Dog disc is called on holes where a 2 is most likely. You always want to cost the Yard Dog a stroke. Sometimes, when played right, or in the right wind conditions, a 2 stroke penalty can be seen. The idea is the Yard Dog must overcome the odds to finish in first or second and anoint someone else the new Yard Dog.

The Yard Dog also gets a special Yard Dog Bag Tag to display proudly. This is also passed to the next Yard Dog.

Here are a few other Yard Dog round rules.

  • If you lose the Yard Dog Disc you pay out $40 to the group and pay for the replacement. It also has to be dyed with the Yard Dog stamp.
  • Yard Dog rounds always include an Ace pot consisting of $20 from each player.
  • If you some how Ace with the Yard Dog disc, you get $40 from each player.
  • Any new members to the Yard Dog group are automatically the Yard Dog.
  • If you realize you suck and want to leave the Yard Dog group it costs $20 per member.

Do you and your disc golf buddies have your own unique, game within the game? Share it with us in the comments section or tags us on social media, @anhyzerdg! 

About David Lopez

David has been an avid disc golfer for over 10 years. He has been involved with almost every aspect of the sport including competing, running tournaments, working with the Disc Golf Pro Tour and of course running the Anhyzer DG Online Store.