Simon Is Gone – What Now For Discmania?

I’d argue Simon’s move to MVP was the biggest news in disc golf since Paul McBeth to Discraft. The impact on the sport and the two manufactures involved will be massive. In my small piece of the disc golf world, it was felt day one. The day Simon released his MVP Bag Review, I sold multiple MVP discs and all of my Hex’s. It reminds me of the first release of McBeth Buzzz’s and Zones although I don’t think the same “collector value” will apply. But I’m curious what Discmania is thinking now.

They were very classy when Simon left and showed a lot of love for him as he moved on to MVP. But the impact Simon had on their disc sales cannot be understated. I think Discmania is going to lose a significant amount of sales in 2023. How significant remains to be seen. I’ll be tracking the numbers I have access to and I can tell you this much for sure. In 2022 Simon Lizotte discs sold extremely well for us. Discmania in general sold extremely well for us. I know Eagle will carry some of the load but that chunk of customers snagging a Sky God or Tilt or Mind Bender is absolutely gone and I’m not sure they will be back.

So what can Discmania do? I think they run former Simon discs in unique new stamps. Sure Simon’s name isn’t on it anymore but you still have a huge player base that lover their P2 or MD1 or FD3. Discmania can attempt to keep these players coming back by offering some sick new stamps and making sure to ramp up their marketing on them. The discs themselves are fantastic so they will sell but to limit the damage caused by Simon leaving, some sick new stamps and a harder marketing push will be in order. I know they release new stamps every time they make a Simon line, but I think a stock S-Line FD3 will sell less than an S-Line FD3 with a Limited Edition 2023 stamp on it.

Discmania has already announced they are working on bringing back some of the classic molds. This will help as they continue to manufacture their own discs. I think they will struggle to replace Simon’s marketability.

No disrespect to Kyle Klein here, Discmania will need to get their marketing team behind him and Gavin Babcock for 2023. The issue isn’t really skill based, the issue is Simon is SO GOOD on camera. You can’t not love the guy. Kyle and Gavin don’t bring that same on camera presence. They also don’t bring the social media and YouTube presence that Simon brings. This may be the biggest hurdle for Discmania in their year of the sword.

Share your thoughts on Discmania in 2023 and what you think they can do bounce back from the huge loss of Simon. 

About David Lopez

David has been an avid disc golfer for over 10 years. He has been involved with almost every aspect of the sport including competing, running tournaments, working with the Disc Golf Pro Tour and of course running the Anhyzer DG Online Store.