I’ve Tried These Gimmick Discs & I Couldn’t Get Into Them

As companies search for an authentically new disc to create there has been a few gimmick discs come down the line. Don’t take the usage of the word “gimmick” in a negative connotation, it’s just these molds seemed to be marketed more about how extreme they were in some fashion and less about the practical application of what it could do. I’ve tried a few of them, some for more rounds than others, so let’s discuss a few.

The Divergant Discs Alpas

The “stay put” super soft silicone approach disc designed to avoid skips and bounces. This is more an extreme change on the plastic itself moving from traditional plastic to a silicone-based disc. It is Extremely floppy. You can literally roll it up. I just can’t come to terms with how flexible it is. It doesn’t hold well in my hand, and I could never get seriously comfortable trying to huck this thing for an actual shot. I think my game is just more suited to your typical approach disc and controlling the landing as best as possible. You can add the DGA Blunt Gumbputt in this category as well although there are some fun ways to utilize these types of discs.

The Discmania Meta Tilt

The Discmania Splice may also fit here. Designed to be EXTREMELY overstable. The Tilt and to a lesser degree the Splice are so stable there isn’t a real practical reason to have it in the bag. Yes, some crazy shots can be achieved and we have seen this clip from Casey White over and over however, how many Discmania team players busted out their Tilt this season? Not too many. Shout out to my boy Darrel for using it as a roller disc!

The Discmania Mutant

Designed to have zero rounded edges. The Mutant does have more of a practical use. It flies like a Dynamic Discs Justice but the grip and the flight, for me, just weren’t the same. I ran the Mutant in my bag for a few months and dozens of rounds and I was never fully satisfied with the results and feel of it. The Justice went back into the bag.

Honorable Mention

The Innova Discs Dragon & Hydra

Add any other disc so light that it floats on water making it easier to retrieve. Are these discs just a security blanket? Are player’s so concerned with losing a disc they pull out their Dragon to have some confidence? I get it, new players lose a lot of discs to water. I did! Eventually you need to be confident in your game and throw the correct the disc and not lean on a Dragon because you’re scared to lose some plastic. You can clear that water, throw it like you mean it!

If you have tried these or other discs that you think fit here, share your comments and experience below!