I Took The Discraft Buzzz Out Of My Bag And I Don’t Miss It

Don’t get me wrong, the Discraft Buzzz is a fantastic disc and I have had quite a bit of success with it over the years. In fact, some of the best shots I have ever thrown were with a Buzzz. I was playing Blue Valley DGC in Kansas City and absolutely laced a 500 foot shoot with a Buzzz SS that nearly went in. I have a very nice Ace on Hole 7 at Eagles Nest DGC with an ESP Buzzz SS and I also aced Hole 17 at Hickory Hollow DGC with a McBeth ESP Buzzz. So why take it out?

I like to switch it up. I like to try new discs. I force myself into new molds because you don’t really know if you’re going to like a disc until you throw it. That’s when I found the Envy. Yea it does get a lot of hype but from my experience, it is warranted. I love throwing this disc. It is not my direct Buzzz replacement but the addition of the Envy to my bag made a way for the Buzzz to be removed. The Envy is a little slower but offers more glide. It holds almost any line I put it on and I reach for it a lot. So what mids do I carry currently? A variety.

A 2016 Innova McPro Roc3. I absolutely love these discs. I also really liked the P-Line MD3 that Discmania offered before they left Innova. I am hoping they bring something similar back to the market. This Roc3 is not as stable as its Champion counterpart and it seasons in to offer a perfectly straight hyzer flip shot. I also use it for hyzer flip to slow turnovers when I need to shape a shot. I have an Ace with this disc and another with the P-Line mD3.

The Discmania Iron Samurai 3. When I need a bit more stability and speed than the Envy or Roc3, I grab this guy. I love that this handles torque and power well. For my arm speed it gives me a slightly overstable option for a mid-range and in the wind it’s very reliable. I throw this disc multiple times per round.

The Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice. Absolute beef for those overstable skip shots. I’m not big on forehands but this helps when I am jammed up.

Will the Buzz make its way back into my bag someday, probably. I am always changing my bag. But for now I’m cool with it sitting on the shelf. Have a similar experience? Share in the comments below. 

About David Lopez

David has been an avid disc golfer for over 10 years. He has been involved with almost every aspect of the sport including competing, running tournaments, working with the Disc Golf Pro Tour and of course running the Anhyzer DG Online Store.