David’s DG Bag – Dynamic Discs Escape

Anhyzer Disc Golf is starting a new blog series all about what is in my bag. Now, I am not brand loyal and I carry a very mixed bag. I don’t have every brand, but I have quite a few. If you’re a seasoned player this may not help you any, but if you are a bit new to the sport, I thought these blogs would give  you non biased information on many different discs from different manufacturers.

My first entry is one of my most trusted discs. The Escape from Dynamic Discs.

I added the DD Escape to my bag a long while back, and it has remained as a staple. I love this disc for long straight shots and for shots that need a nice anhyzer line. This discs also works well when I want a nice hyzer-flip shot. Currently I bag a well seasoned BioFuzion Escape and a Fluid Escape which I fear losing the most since DD discontinued Fluid a few years back. Recently Dynamic Discs hinted at bringing Fluid plastic back in 2023 and I sincerely hope the Escape is one of the molds they choose to make! In a slight head wind I use this disc for big anhyzer shots that hold the line and finish right. The plastic is nice and grippy and the Escape is an awesome fairway driver that fits well in my bag.

Flight Numbers: 9 | 5 | -1 | 2

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About David Lopez

David has been an avid disc golfer for over 10 years. He has been involved with almost every aspect of the sport including competing, running tournaments, working with the Disc Golf Pro Tour and of course running the Anhyzer DG Online Store.