2022 Choose Your Champs Challenge

For the remainder of the 2022 season at selected events you can enter to win $10 store credit simply by picking the winners in FPO and MPO! Here is how it works.

  • Fill out the form below picking a winner for MPO and FPO.
  • Use an email address you actually check, this is how we will contact you!

Every entry that has a higher average finish than our picks is entered into a raffle for $10 store credit.

EXAMPLE: MPO- McMahon (3rd) and FPO Finley (10th). Our average finish is 3+10=13, 13/2= 6.5 

If your average finish is 6 or better, you’re entered into the raffle for that event. Simple right?!

Get your Dynamic Disc’s Open Picks in now!

Our DDO Picks: Ricky Wysocki & Paige Pierce

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